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Train your dog to come when called [using 3 easy steps]

Dog calling command

Your dog is giving you a hard time when you call her? Embarrassing you in public by ignoring you completely? Whether you are asking nicely, shouting or just keep calling, he would not response to your calls?

Well, in a few situations your dog might have a hearing problem, BUT in most of the time all you need to do is to train your dog to response when being called, and it is easy to do that.

Dog calling is the most important command to teach your dog, it will help you control your dog in all different kinds of environments, and it might save your dog’s life in certain dangerous situations.

Most of dogs keen to do whatever they want, this includes coming or ignoring the call when they are being called, even though this could be one of the most common behavioral issues, it’s simple to solve.

Your simple 3 steps to train your dog to come when called

here is a quick look on how to train your dog to come when called:

Step 1

Get into a quiet room and take out all the distractions (Toys, Food and treats, etc.), and start calling your dog using the command “Come [Name]”.

Step 2

Compliment your dog when he response, tell him how good he is “using Good boy or other similar marker words”.

Step 3

Reward your dog with a treat and repeat the steps.

Now let’s dive deeper into this:

it is important to train your dog to come when called

Why it is important to train your dog to come when called?

Having full control as an owner means that your dog must obey you whenever you give him an order, no matter what situation he is in, regardless of what he is doing, when you call, he should leave everything and come to you.

Teaching your dog this command “Come” will help you control your dog in any environment, whether you are in the park and your dog is about to ruin someone’s picnic, or chasing a squirrel all over the place, or he is out of sight, when you call he will come “with the proper training”.

What is the idea behind the Calling training?

You should help your dog recognizing that her name or the command “come” is a wonderful thing, when your dog hears her name or the command “Come” she must think that there is a good thing is about to happen, when she answers you, it is either a party, or she will get a treat, easy and simple as that.

This will make your dog eager to come to you whenever you call her, knowing that she will be rewarded, or there is a wonderful thing is about to happen if she appeared in front of you.

When to start the calling training for your dog?

You can start the initial training for the command “Come” as early as when your dog is 7 – 8 weeks old, also you should consider NOT using your dog name with any other commands but “Come” when you start training him.

When to start the calling training for your dog?

Where to start the calling training for your dog?

When you start to train your dog to come when you call for the first time, you need to do it in a quiet place, a perfect place to start is a controlled environment, and indoor environments are a plus, the kitchen, Living room or bedroom, and the list goes on and on.

How to ease the calling training for your dog?


It is a process, it will not be happening in a day, you and your dog will need to put time, efforts and cooperate with each other in order to make it a happened.

Keep in your mind:-

Be patience

Some breeds can be very stubborn, it is in their DNA, while you keep calling him, he will just ignore you, play with his toy, or look at you with his goofy eyes and set where he is, or worst, gives you his back and walk away.
Don’t get angry, don’t get frustrated; just remember that you need to be patience and calm during these training sessions.

Take away all the distractions

Both of you and your dog need to be focusing in one thing, which is training for this command, whether you are training her to come when you are using her name or the command “come”, focusing is key to success.

Take away all the toys, treats and distractions from the area you are using to train your dog, this way your dog will be forced to focus on you and only you.

This also means that you must take away all of your distractions, this mean no TV, cellphone or social media, you need to focus on calling your dog and reward him every time he response to you.

the idea behind the Calling training

Train your dog to come when called step by step

So, now you know why it is important to teach your dog to come when called, when and where to start, and how to ease the process, so, let’s dive into training a dog to come when call step by step:

Step 1

from a few feet away, call your dog name and use the command “[Name] Come” with relaxed and fun high pitched voice, remember to pat your hand on your lap or clapping to get your dog’s attention.

Step 2

when your dog response and comes to you, use a complimentary marker words such as “Good boy”.

Step 3

Give your dog a well-deserved treat.

Now repeat these steps for few times every day until your dog become familiar with the command “come” in this particular environment you’ve started the training in.

After few days or week “depends on your dog”, whenever you feel that your dog is ready for it, start adding some distractions to the environment you are training him in, like some toys or low value treats, and repeat the steps.

Now that you are sure that your dog will come to you whenever you call him, whether there are distractions or not, it’s time to take him outdoor and train him, take him to the backyard and start over the steps, you might want to use a leash for first few times.

The final phase of this process is to take your dog to public place such as the dogs park, and start training her with all the surrounding distractions, it’s recommended to use a leash at this point, and start the training steps all over again.

train your dog to command come

Always remember

It will take time; it will take you 8 to 10 times repeating each step for your dog to come to you.

You should always start from step one and take it from there.

Don’t reward your dog with a low value treats when she comes to you after calling her, always use high value treats when you are training your dog to come when called.

Don’t you ever punish your dog during the training for “come” command, even if he did something to deserve it, it will cause him to avoid obeying you when you are using this command.

Don’t burn out the command by using it to call your dog for things she doesn’t like or want, such as giving her a bath, taking something out of her mouth or crate her.

Make sure that your dog experience when he come to you after you call him is a wonderful thing, knowing that there is a great thing is about to happen will make him unconsciously answer you every time you call him.

It’s an ongoing process, when your dog master the command “come” this doesn’t mean that the training is over, make sure to continuously practice the command in different eras of his life, so he can stay trained and his skills stays sharp.

Reward your dog every time she comes to you during the training, if your dog thinks that “come” means the end of playtime or running around it will ignore it, but when she receives a treat every time she comes, she will make sure to response whenever you call her.

You should never scold your dog when he comes to you after you called him, don’t scold him, don’t punish him, even if he deserves it.

This training process could take months for your dog to adopt to it, you will be developing a habit in your dog, to come when being called, no matter what he is doing, or what distract her, be patience, and keep working on it.

train my dog to come when call

To sum up

Training your dog to come when called is an important thing, it might save your dog life when he is in dangerous situations, and you should be patience and focus on your training.

Find a quiet place in your home and eliminate all the distractions, call your dog and keep calling him until he response to your calls, reward him with a treat, and repeat that few times on daily bases.

Take it to the next level by adding distractions, when your dog is used to answer you whenever you call him, no matter what the distractions are, take him outdoor and start training him using the same steps.

Always combine the “Come” command with a reward, and don’t burn it out by using it all the time, or combine it with bad experience such as punishment or uncomfortable experience such as bath or taking away things from your dog.

And remember: You should always enjoy your time with your dog.

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