New puppy starter kit

The Ultimate New Puppy Checklist – [15 things you need to know]

Puppy Checklist

Welcoming a new puppy or a new dog to your family comes with great responsibilities, there are few things you must know and provide to be prepared for your new puppy or dog.

We aim in this article to help you know exactly what you will need, so you can shower your new puppy or your new dog with your unconditional love and care.

The arrival of a puppy or a new dog to your home whether you are buying him, adopting her, or have them added to your family by your current dog, is always a delightful thing.

But before that desired moment occurs you must have everything your beloved puppy will need, you need to be ready so that once he arrives home you can cover his most basic needs.

For this reason if in the next few days or weeks you are going to receive a puppy or dog in your house it is very advisable that you have this list of things.

Your new Puppy - Dog Checklist

Things you need to get for your new puppy or dog:

  • Collar.
  • Leash.
  • Hygienic bags.
  • First aid kit.
  • Bowls.
  • Food.
  • Bed.
  • Hairbrush.
  • Shampoo and towels.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Toothbrush.
  • Identification tags.
  • Educational books.
  • Toys.
  • Treats.

Let’s dive deeper into this list!

Outdoor times with your new puppy or dog

Do you really want to let your dog loose everywhere? When your dog can go for a walk you will need a collar and leash designed for his size to keep her under your control.

Dog Collar


When you buy your dog collar you need to make sure that the size is adequate, it is advisable to choose a nylon collar.

A nylon collar will allow you to adjust the size and place it so that it is not too loose (which would make it easier to be removed) or very tight (which could be annoying to your dog).

The ideal size for a collar is one that allows you to fit 2 fingers between the collar and the neck of your dog.

Dog Leash


Many public places, especially in the city, require the use of a leash for walking your dogs. You will also need the leash to train your dog or puppy.

A puppy that does not get used to the leash will cause you a lot of problems, since then he will not want to walk with the leash, so you’ll have to leave him at home, or you will take him out anyway and just keep running after him trying to control him.

Make sure the strap is long enough and strong enough to allow you to walk a couple of feet ahead or next to your dog without hurting your dog’s neck.

There are also retractable straps that are excellent for walking the dog.

Remember that there are several lengths of straps; you can choose a short one for walks and a little longer one when you want to leave more freedom for the dog in the park.

You may also need it when you want to teach your dog certain training tricks.

Dog Hygienic bags

Hygienic bags

As a responsible owner you must always collect the stool of your dog, so you should not forget to buy and always carry with you some hygienic bags whenever you take your dog out.

Taking care of your new puppy or dog health

dog first aid kit

First aid kit

In case of an emergency, you will need a first aid kit for your dog.

Here are some things you may consider including it in your dog’s first aid kit:

  • antibiotic ointment
  • spray or hydrocortisone ointment
  • a 3cc / 10cc oral medication syringe
  • rectal thermometer
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • gauze
  • ear cleaning solution
  • insect repellent
  • cotton swabs
  • tweezers
  • disposable gloves
  • Emergency manual.

These items will help you at the time of an emergency where you can treat a number of injuries and insect bites and infections.

Feeding your new puppy or dog

dog bowls


You must buy two bowls for your new puppy; you’ll need a bowl for food and another bowl for water. The best materials available are ceramic and stainless steel. The plastic ones are cheaper, but they break into small pieces and their small parts can be dangerous to your dog when ingested.

You should also be sure to choose a suitable size for a puppy, not in anticipation of its future size as an adult.

If you have more than one dog at home, you may consider not letting them share the bowls, each dog should have their own bowls.

Also you may consider trying to separate them in different places when it’s their eating time, this way you can avoid conflicts with the food and it will be easier to control what each one has eaten.

dogs food


There is not a lot of choices when it comes to dog food, the varieties are limited, the main goal in choosing the best suitable food for your dog is that it meets all of his nutritional needs.

You can choose between Dry food which is the most economical type of dog’s food, dry food lasts for long times and it does not need to be refrigerated or kept in certain conditions.

Then we have canned food, which most of dogs loves, this kind of food has a long shelf life and it’s available everywhere.

Semi-Moist is another kind of dog’s food, this kind comes in different shapes, this specific kind of food is the least nutritional of all of dogs food, and it contains many artificial colors and flavors.

Another kind of food is a home cooked food, where some owners like to cook for their dogs, but it’s time consuming and expensive sometimes.

You can also provide your dog with raw food as it’s another kind of dog’s food.   

Remember to choose the most appropriate food for your dog, and also respect the proportions indicated by the manufacturer of that food. If you have more doubts about this consult your veterinarian.

Your new puppy or dog naps and sleep times

dog bed


Dogs need a place to sleep and rest. It’s not just a matter of comfort for the dog.

Having your dog’s own resting place will prevent her from thinking of our bed as it’s the place where she should rest, which will help you prevent future behavioral problems such as when dogs urinate in bed.

There are many types of beds, with a verity of colors, designs and materials, and the list goes on and on, here comes the personal preferences, you can choose what you like as long as it is comfortable for your dog.

When buying a bed for your puppy you should keep in mind:

Bed size: don’t forget to highly consider the size of the bed, for one simple reason, you want it to fit and be comfortable for your new puppy, you want him to use it and get used to it, after all that’s why you bought it and spent the money for, isn’t it?

Washing options: trust us when we say that this is an extremely important thing to consider, if you can choose a dog’s bed that can fit into the washing machine without problems, that’s a plus.

This way you will make sure that you will be always capable of keeping it clean and last longer, and it will also help you with keeping your puppy healthy and happy.

Remember to check the washing conditions before buying the bed.

Cleaning your new puppy or dog

In order to keep your new puppy or dog clean you will need some cleaning and grooming products.

Don’t think it’s just an aesthetic issue, taking care of your dog’s hair and skin has important benefits for his physical and mental health, as well as improving the dog’s perception of you.

Dog Brushing


Brushing your dog is a very healthy act for his hair and skin, as it stimulates blood flow and also relaxes them.

If you choose a suitable brush (not too big, with the right spikes for your dog’s hair type) it shouldn’t show resistance (dogs love it).

Don’t forget to brush his hair very gently, avoiding jerks that could hurt him.

dog towels

Shampoo and towels

puppies usually have a very clean and shiny coat, but if we want to keep it clean and in good condition is necessary to bathe.

It is not necessary to wash your dog every day, but regularly. It would be great if your puppy adapted to this habit, because when he becomes an adult he will not be afraid of water and it will be easier to bathe your dog at home.

Remember, it’s a puppy; everything has to be done with a lot of care and patience.

dogs nail clipping

Nail clippers

By cutting your dog’s nails you will not only take care of their appearance but you also guarantee a better health of their legs and eliminate future cuts and painful wounds.

If your dog has white or light colored nails your work will be much easier because you can distinguish the white area from the pink one.

There are different types of nail clippers out there, such as scissors (perfect for large dogs), guillotine clippers (perfect for small to medium sized dogs) and grinder tools which grind down the nail instead of clipping it, but required you and your dog to be patience.  

teeth brushing for dogs


Dental hygiene is very important to dogs; it helps to take care of their valuable teeth and gums and helps you to generate a close bond with your dog.

Brush your dog’s mouth once or twice a week. There are kits that come with special toothpaste for dogs, a brush or finger brushes, to place on your finger and massage your dog’s gums.

Try it, we prefer you start doing this to you dog in his first days as a puppy so she get used to it. And remember a dog with healthy teeth lives longer and happier.

Identify your new puppy or dog

Dog identification

a lot of people think that a microchip is enough to find their dog in case he got lost, well, it’s not.

And we’ll tell you why!

In case you lose your dog for any reason, an identification tag with your name and mobile number makes the process of recovering your dog faster and easier.

In those moments of anguish, every minute counts.

There are many types of dog’s identification tags, but what you will need in the beginning is to start with a simple one where your name and contact phone number can be found, this will be more than enough for anybody to recognize your dog and get in touch with you as soon as they found her.

Tip: add two phone numbers, one from you and one from your friend/family member.

Getting to learn more about your new puppy or dog

dog reading a book

Educational books

To educate a puppy first we must educate ourselves as well.

Therefore we advise you to read books to be informed about how to take care of your dog, their diseases, the characteristics of the breed, etc.

Although on our website we talk a lot about it, and we do provide you with tons of tips on this matter, but it is always good to have a book at hand.

Your new puppy or dog fun time

dog having fun


Toys not only provide your dog with moments of entertainment, they help strengthen relationships with other individuals, stimulate them physically and mentally and serve to educate them.

The options for your dog’s toys are endless, and it can be overwhelming sometimes, it’s a journey you will take with your dog, by monitoring his personal style of playing and chewing you will be able to know his preferences’ when it comes to his toys.

In this case we must take into account their size to choose toys adapted to them. But in general these are the ones you should consider:


dog playing with a ball

the king of toys. They are economic and very entertaining for them. Try to throw it so that your dog chases it and catches it, it will help your puppy to exercise and have fun.


pug play with string

chewing is a natural dog instinct (it doesn’t need to be learned) and satisfying that instinct will help him clean his teeth. It will not take long to destroy it, so it would not be a bad idea to buy more than one to replace it when necessary.

Retrieving Toys

dog plays catch

dogs love playing fetch, they enjoy running after their toy and retrieve it to you so you can throw it again, you can use balls or discs to play with your dog “catch”.

Fun fact: Did you know that there is a dog sport that involves disc retrieval?

Plush toys

dog with plush toy

a lot of dogs love plush toys, it comes in different shapes, colors, sizes and squeakers, it’s important though to supervise your dog while she plays with her plush toys to keep her from swallowing stuffing or squeakers.

Toys of ingenuity

Dog puzzles

you don’t expect your puppy to become an Albert Einstein, but you do want him to be able to develop his imagination and intelligence.

Remember she is a puppy and she is in the best stage to learn, so take advantage of it. Toys like Kong (highly recommended by veterinarians) and dog puzzles are two good examples of toys that help your dog develop his imagination and intelligence, as well as combat boredom and anxiety.

When providing toys to your dog, don’t use household objects such as rags, stuffed animals or children’s toys, as it may be containing items that could be toxic to your dog.

Rewarding your new puppy or dog

dog treats


It’s an expression of love to give your puppy treats every now and then; it’s also an important part of training and rewarding good behavior.

However, it’s not recommended to give your dog or puppy a lot of treats, this means you are giving your dog a lot of sugar which can cause health issues such as dog’s diabetes.

One more thing,

It’s advisable to take your new puppy or dog in a tour inside your house, letting him know exactly what he is walking into.

Most people out of excitement will take off the leash and leave the dog wondering around the house.

The problem is:

The dog has no idea what he walked into, what is this new environment and what he should do?

You should introduce him slowly to this environment, and then introduce him to his new family.


Don’t forget to show your new puppy or dog the love you have for her, yes. It will be a tough first few days as you both will get to know each other, but with the right training and time you will become best friends, so take your time and be patience, and enjoy that time together.

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