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The Pug

The Pug

Adorable eyes, wrinkly face, fun loving small dog that brings joy everywhere he goes, that’s the Pug, he has a great personality and get along easily with children, other dogs and of course with cats too, he adore being part of a family, and brings joy to everyone around him, that’s how great the Pug is.

Needed Care Levels


The Pug

13-18 pounds

Pug's Avg weight

10-13 inches

Pug's Avg height

14-16 years

Pug's Avg life

The pug is your funny friend, although he has a wrinkly, kind of angry face, but he loves having fun, If he had fun and manage to get you laugh your lunges out at the same time, that’s should be the ultimate perfect day for your Pug.

Pug’s body tends to be square body in a compact form, with a great muscles, combined with deep chest, smooth, glossy coats, you can get a Pug with black coat, Silver fawn or clear fawn, or apricot fawn, with a black line which goes straight from occiput to the tail which is normally curling tightly over the hip.

Pug’s face is adorable, hilarious and big, with his cute adorable eyes surrounded with all those wrinkles, the Pug is capable of  expressing semi human expressions, such as: happy, surprised, curios and sad, these expressions had made Pug’s owners so delighted for years.

Pug personality

Pug's Personality is AMAZING!

The Pug comes with an amazing personality, remarkable and charming, they are rarely aggressive, but make no mistake, they have a strong personality, Pugs are very fond of children, they like playing with them, they can follow your mood and get very quiet when they are needed to, or a source of joy and happiness.

Pugs tend to like napping all the time and they get really attached to their owners, a pug will follow his owner all around, just like a shadow, and they crave affection and attention from their owners. 

PUG: the ultimate ideal house breed of dogs

the ULTIMATE ideal house breed?

Some will consider the Pug to be the ultimate ideal house breed of dogs, why you ask?

Well, for three simple reasons:

  • They are perfect house dogs whether you live in the city or the country.
  • They are good with children or seniors.
  • They will behave and get along with everyone whether they are your only pet or they live among a pack.

Pugs were introduced to Europe from China in around the 16th century; Pugs were the favorite breed of dogs to the ruling families in China and become the same to the ruling families in Europe too.

Taking Care of your Pug

Taking Care of your Pug

Pugs tend to do very well on high quality dog food, whether you bought it or made it yourself, take to your consideration that Pugs will easily become over weight if you didn’t watch their food and weight levels.

Obesity is one of the common problems among Pugs, so you need to watch their food and weight, this includes treats, also remember to provide your Pug with Fresh and clean water all the time.

Your Pug won’t need a lot of baths, unless he started to smell and got himself some of the doggy odor, or if he got into something messy that he need to be cleaned, and you should trim his nails every now and then since it can be really uncomfortable for him when he have long nails.

Because Pug’s coat is short, not to mention it’s glossy and smooth, it won’t be necessary to be maintained all of the time, but since his coat can shed a lot through his life, it’s recommended to brush it on weekly bases, you can use a grooming mitt, hound glove or med-bristle brush.

However, grooming Pug’s coat is easy, keep in mind that you might need to clean his face’s wrinkles, probably on daily bases for some Pugs, by whipping it with baby wipes or dampened cosmetics sponge, and carefully dry it after that.

As we mentioned earlier, Pugs love to nap most of the day, combine that with their love for food, they probably end up over weight, so taking your Pug outside to exercise and let him express his beloved habit of playing around, will exclude that from happening.

keep your Pug fit

keep your Pug fit

To keep your Pug fit, take him out to play on daily bases, whether you take him out in the yard or to the dog park, take a walk with him, but in the same time you must remember that your Pug’s isn’t a fan of extremely hot or cold weather, the best time to exercise and play outside is when its warm, or in places where you have an air conditioner.

One of the Pug’s life goals is to please his owner, that being said, because of Pug’s stable temperament, which is mixed with his outgoing, loving and charmed personality, training him will be easy, and you could train him to do a lot of tricks too.

Keep in mind that Pug’s feelings are easy to be hurt, so you are advised not to use strong and harsh methods of training while you train your Pug, and it is recommended to take him to early puppy training and socialization classes if you need to.

Since Pugs love to be surrounded by their families, do your Pug a favor and don’t leave him alone for long period of time on regularly bases.

Celebrities who owns a Pug

Some of world well known celebrities love the Pug so much they ended up with one, here is a list of 10 celebrities who own a Pug:

Jessica Alba Pug

Jessica Alba

Robin Williams Pug

Robin Williams

Kelly Osbourne Pug

Kelly Osbourne

Brooke Mueller Pug

Brooke Mueller

Paris Hilton Pug

Paris Hilton

Amber Rose Pug

Amber Rose

George Clooney Pug

George Clooney



Denise Richards Pug

Denise Richards

Gerard Butler Pug

Gerard Butler

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To sum up

Pugs are one of the most charming, lovely and adorable breed out there, it can get along with you and your family in a heartbeat, with the prober food and exercises you will keep your Pug fit and in shape, they are easy to be trained, and they have a really soft hearts, they can be heart really easy, so avoid being harsh with them especially during training.

Pugs will do everything they can to keep you happy, it’s in their DNA, they are fun loving, caring breed, You don’t need to bath them all of the time, but you will need to brush their coats and keep them in a moderated climate, they don’t like extremely hot or cold weather.

Pug Dogs making cute little babies laughing their lungs out!

So, let us know in the comments if you have a Pug, how you deal with hem/her? What is your advice for other Pugs owners?   

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